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Circus Medrano Comes to Africa!

Greetings from beautiful Uganda, the Pearl of Africa! 🇺🇬😊

We wanted to let you all know how much our students enjoyed solving the mystery of Medrano Circus. First, some background…

We are house parents at The Amazima School, a secondary boarding school in Jinja. We oversee a dorm of 18 Ugandan teenage boys, ranging in age from 16-20. All of these guys come from hard places and have experienced some level of trauma. Our role is to provide a safe, loving environment while they are at school and to cultivate partnership with their families and guardians to ensure a quality education as well as spiritual growth.

One of their favorite Saturday night activities is the Escape Room Geeks games. When they returned to the house from dinner last weekend to find it decorated and set up, they broke into big smiles and did, “Yay!! Escape room!” They were delighted!

This is our third Escape Room Geeks game night at our house. And it did not disappoint. We decorated the dorm with brightly colored balloons and played circus music. We played the the opening story from the app, then divided them into three teams of 6 and sent them into their rooms with the first challenge. Each team had an adult mentor with a phone and the apo, as the students themselves do not have phones at school.

At certain points when they completed a challenge, we rewarded the teams with circus themed treats such as peanuts and sodas. We even recruited two small children from a couple that lives on campus to act as our kidnap victims so when they solved the final challenge, they actually had to find the door with the correct address and open it. When they did, out came the two children, excitedly thanking them for rescuing them. Afterwards, when the teams completed the game, we gave them funnel cakes as a treat. They had never had them before and they really enjoyed them. They said this was the best one yet, but also for them the easiest as they are becoming pros at solving escape rooms. 🙂

Next term, we plan to do another. Unfortunately, we are unable to send many photos, due to a strict school policy of not taking and/or publishing photos of the students’ faces. We are attaching a few from various escape rooms that do not show their faces.

Thank you all for providing such excellent games. We have never been disappointed. And here at the school, we emphasize critical thinking skills and creative problem solving, so they are perfect vehicles for our students to exercise in a practical way the skills they are developing at the school.

Looking forward to the next escape room night!

Jerry Cheryl Davison

Super fun and easy to set-up

My little miss was sad her sister was doing an escape room birthday party this past weekend, so I quickly downloaded the Wizards Workshop for her and I to do. Setup was so easy, I was ready to go in less than 15 minutes. I didn’t get too crazy with props, but she loved it anyway. And now big sis wants to do it again together!


Loving the new game!

The boys and I loved this video game style of the game. And again, I needed two copies of the game because we needed two hammers :). Now they’re running around the house yelling, “We’re going to beat you, Prince of Shadows :).” The puzzles were very fun. Sometimes they solve things faster than I do; I guess it’s because they play a lot more video games than me, so they have their own logic for solving puzzles, or maybe they’ve grown smarter than me :), which makes me feel proud. Nice work. Hoping for many more games because we love our game nights :).

Liam Harper
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