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Be a Player - Not Just a Host

Maybe you want to dive into this amazing story and team up with your kids, instead of being their moderator. Or maybe you just want an instant fun, a last minute bounce back from a hard day at work and spend a quality time with your family. Well, you are on the right place! Just follow these easy steps:

1. Download and Print

There are 3 ways to download your game kit:

  • After the purchase you receive an email from hello@escaperoomgeeks.com with the download link.
  • You can download it on the purchase confirmation page or
  • In My Account page

Open the PDF file “THE GAME” and print it on a regular home/office color printer. Go to printer properties and select:

  • Letter or A4 paper size,
  • Fit to paper,
  • One-sided printing,
  • Color mode: Color.

For better feeling use thicker paper, but any paper will get the job done!

Saving the beauty of winter is played as one team (2-5 players), or by multiple teams – like a competition.

If you are more than 6 players, don’t worry, just make multiple teams and print out one copy for each team. This way you can compete against each other, and the first team that manages to shut down the machine wins it all.

2-5 players – print 1 copy

6-11 players – print 2 copies

12-17 players – print 3 copies and so on

2. Make sure you grab:

Paper Glue

paper glue

2 pairs of Scissors




Almost everyone already has these items in their homes, and that’s why it’s very easy to start working on your escape as soon as you buy the game. One of our goals was to make this game accessible at any time form the comfort of your home and to be playable using these everyday items on a budget.

3. Set up the game

  • Separate the 3 challenges and put them on an empty table, along with the paper glue, the 2 pairs of scissors and the pencil.
  • Play the challenges one after another, starting with challenge #1.

4. Create a better atmosphere

  • Send the invitations to the players. They are included in the game kit.
  • Play background mysterious music from our playlist. Check out “Saving the beauty of winter” playlist. The mysterious music adds so much to the experience.
  • Turn the lights low and put some candles around.
  • Get toys/items/decoration that suit the storyline.
  • Set posters around the room. You can find them in the game kit.
  • Serve some drinks and snacks. The game tastes better this way!

5. Enter this webpage

Here you will find a start the game button which triggers the 60 minutes timer and opens the page with the hints for every challenge and checkboxes for every answer.

6. Let the fun begin

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