! Play the challenges one after another !

Challenge 1 Intro

I’ve used this box to perform one of my greatest illusions. Actually, during the performance, I would pick one girl from the audience, put her in the box, and while she is there, I would drive the swords right through the middle of the box. When everybody thought that the girl could not survive, she would come out without a scratch. This time there is no girl in the box, but I left you some other clues inside. The box is locked with a three-digit padlock, and you have to find the right combination to open it. Maybe the swords will give you the answer. WRITE DOWN THE RIGHT COMBINATION TO OPEN THE BOX !

Write down the 3 digit combination




Cut, fold, glue and you’ll get the clue!

When the circles are joined, you’ll get the point!

When everything is put in the right location, swords are pointing to the combination!

1. Cut the swords and place them on the marked location (every sword has it’s own shape and color)

2. Cut, fold and glue the box to make a 3D figure and place it on the marked location (with both arrows in the same direction),

3. Using the pencil, connect the circles in direction shown by the arrows inside them. When all circles are connected you get the text “1-YELLOW, 2-RED, 3-BLUE”.

To solve the first challenge (opening the box) you need a 3 digit code.
Every sword points towards one card on the box. The numbers on those 3 cards are the 3 digits you are looking for. To make the right combination use the sequence of the swords (YELLOW – 1st, RED-2nd, BLUE-3rd)


The code is 285

Challenge 2 Intro

Unlike ordinary people, I have very unusual pets. During the day, they hide from the sunlight, but every night, at exactly 10:10 p.m., they start showing up, looking for food.

Of the five animals in my garden, I have two favorites.

Those two animals will help you open the locked drawer, where the door key is located!

Take a look into the garden through the tiny window!

Write down the 4 digit combination.



Maybe the clock is unclear, but Dr. Invisible can make it appear!

Two animals are on the clock, and they surely don’t walk.

Bring every animal close to the rose, then ask the whisperer what she knows!

Every rose has a unique shape that can help you escape!

1. Place DR. INVISIBLE on the garden gate (it fits perfectly)

2. Solve the maze (every animal gets to specific rose).


To solve the second challenge (opening the drawer) you need a 4 digit code.

Animals show up every night at exactly 10:10 pm. The moon represents the clock that reveals Houdini’s two favorite animals (RAVEN at 22h, and OWL at 10 min)

In the maze, these two animals will lead you to two roses. Those two same roses are also shown on the WHISPERER with specific numbers next to them. The 4 numbers give you the code.

The code is 8637

Challenge 3 Intro

Only one of these keys can set you free!
Trying to open the door with the wrong key triggers the walls to collapse in five seconds.
Thus, before using it, make sure you have the right one.
You only get one chance!
Let the greatest mentalist show you the way to the key.
When you find it, just place it on the door lock and you’re free!
Be smart and think fast!

What really matters is that all dice have their own letters!

For every key there is a word you can’t see, but the dice below the keys can turn into words with ease!

The number of the key that will set you free is in the circle…. I guarantee!

1. Cut all keys in the drawer.

2. Choose one number, write it down over the Hypnotizer and then solve the simple math.
(No matter what number you chose, the result is always 5.)

3. Connect numbers 14 to 21 so the number 5 appears.

4. Every dice (on the table and on the DARK DICER) makes a shadow in the form of a letter. Changing the dice with those letters on the poster shows you the numbers of the keys. 
The key NUMBER 5 is the one that needs to be put on the door lock (because it’s the same number that appeared in the circle).

Select the right key

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