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“Mission Unknown: An Epic Space-themed Escape Room Adventure for Kids!”

In this blog post, we have carefully crafted a complete guide to “Mission Unknown”, a thrilling space-themed printable escape room game, specifically designed for kids, making it a perfect addition to birthday parties, family gatherings, or any occasion where you want to infuse some excitement. We’ve provided you with an engaging storyline that will captivate your little one’s imaginations, a detailed game flow with all the printable puzzle pages to ensure a seamless adventure, and even some fantastic room setup ideas to transform the space where you plan on playing the game into a spacecraft of wanders.

Picture the joy on your kids’ faces as they stumble upon an abandoned space shuttle in quiet, distant town, far from the bustling cities. With an air of mystery and fascination, they join on a quest to unravel the enigmatic secrets of the forgotten mission. Inside the spacecraft, they discover a mesmerizing alien artifact, emanating an otherworldly glow, and a carefully crafted map that showcases the entirety of the shuttle.

“Mission Unknown” is a game that can be easily set up in the comfort of your own living space! Simply download all the free printable puzzle pages, and with a little creativity and our help, you can transform your home into a spacecraft ready for exploration. This is a fantastic way to engage your kids in a thrilling and educational activity that combines learning with fun.

As your little adventurers delve into the challenges of “Mission Unknown”, they will not only exercise their problem-solving skills but also gain fascinating knowledge about the planets in our solar system. It’s an adventure that seamlessly combines entertainment and education, ensuring the kids have a blast while expanding their understanding of space.

To create an immersive experience, we offer suggestions for room setup that will transport your game space into the heart of a spacecraft. From a futuristic command center entrance to space-themed decorations and lighting, your home will be transformed into a cosmic realm. Encourage your children to dress up as astronauts, play ambient space sounds, and let their imaginations soar to new heights.

So, parents, rest assure that in this blog post, we’ve got you covered. We’ve written the storyline, laid out the game flow, gave you all the printable puzzle pages. Gather your crew, prepare for an unforgettable adventure, and let “Mission Unknown” transport your little ones’ to the outer realms of space! 



“In a tiny, quiet village far from the big noisy cities, you and your friends find a secret spaceship hidden in a big field. It looks like no one has seen it for a very long time, and it’s full of secrets and exciting things. When you step inside the spaceship, it feels magical. The inside glows softly, and right away, you see something amazing: a strange alien thing that feels like it’s from another world. It makes the whole room feel full of wonder and makes you want to explore.

Next to this alien thing, there’s a very detailed map of the spaceship. It seems like the people who used to work here left little clues for you to find. They want you to figure out what their special mission was. Maybe they were going to Mars, the red planet that everyone thinks is so interesting, or maybe to Jupiter, with its huge storms and mysterious moons. To find out the real story of this secret mission, you have to solve puzzles and follow the clues they left behind.”


Easy peasy set-up guide!

Setting this game is a piece of cake… In just 10 to 15 minutes, you’ll have everything ready for an unforgettable escape room experience. So, let’s dive in and create an immersive space adventure!

• Step 1: “Print & Prepare”
First things first, make sure you have a color printer.

Go to printer properties and select: 

– A4 / Letter paper size

– Fit to paper

– 1-sided printing

– Color mode: Color.
– Mission Uknown is played as one team (2-5 players), or by multiple teams – like a competition.

Now that you have the game in front of you, take the page 3C and cut out the puzzle pieces along the white dotted lines. Make sure you have them with you during the set-up.

Let’s move on to the set-up!

• Step 2: “Choose the Playing Area”
Find a suitable table where the game will take place. This will be the command center for your space adventure. Make sure there’s enough space for the players to comfortably interact with the puzzles and props.

• Step 3: Set Up the First Challenge
For the first challenge, you’ll need pages 1A (Alien Artifact) and 2A (Guidebook). Place page 1A on the table, as it will serve as the starting point for your players. You need to fold page 2A along the dotted lines in order to resemble a closed book. First fold in half horizontally along the dotted line, then fold it vertically along the second line. You also, need to write a sequel of words on page 2A, or you can use the page with already written words, that will help players decipher the Alien Artifact. The deciphered message should lead the players to the next challenge (this should be some place in the room. Example: “OPEN THE THIRD DRAWER”).

• Hide page 2A somewhere in the room, but make sure to hide one previously cut piece of page 3C with it. To help players navigate and find page 2A, draw a map of the room similar to the provided picture bellow, and mark the hiding spot of page 2A on the map. The map should be placed next to page 1A on the table.

• Step 4: Prepare the Second Challenge
Now, it’s time for the second challenge! Take pages 1B (Riddles) and 2B (Solar System). Hide both pages, along with one previously cut piece of page 3C, in a secret location within the room. It could be a drawer, a box, or even under a rug. Let your imagination run wild! Just remember, the translation of the Alien Artifact from the first challenge should guide players to the spot where these two pages are hidden.

• Step 5: Prepare the Third Challenge
We’re almost there! Gather pages 1C (Connect the Dots) and 2C (Constellations with jumbled Riddles). Place these two pages in a box, along with one piece of page 3C, and lock it with a padlock, setting the code to be revealed later in the game (players will obtain the code from the second challenge). The code for the padlock is (472). You need to put this box in a place in the room where players can see it easily.

• Hide the last piece of page 3C under the table (tape it using duct tape). This final challenge will lead players to the location of this hidden piece.

• Step 6: Finalize with the reward.
Last but not least, you need to prepare the reward for this successful adventure. Find a box that can hold a universe of sweetness and fill it to the brim with a rainbow of colorful candies. This box will be the ultimate treasure. Keep this box out of sight, a hidden gem to be revealed only once the final destination has been found. You should give them the box with the “Congratulations!” illustration.

And there you have it the step-by-step guide to setting up your DIY space-themed printable escape room!

To access and download these free printable puzzles, simply click on button below.


Prepare for an exciting space-themed game as you dive into the first challenge of “Mission Unknown”. Let’s get started!

Challenge 1Unveiling the Secrets

Challenge walkthrough:

The adventurers begin by listening to the storyline provided by the Game Master. As they enter the spacecraft, they encounter the mesmerizing “Alien Artifact” and a map.  Guided by the marked spot on the map, they search the room and discover the hidden Guidebook (2A). As they delve into its pages, they not only gain valuable knowledge, but also find a vital puzzle piece (from 3C), which they keep close. Empowered by the Guidebook (2A), they skillfully decipher the enigmatic symbols on the Alien Artifact (1A), leading them to the next challenge.

Alien Artifact (1A)


Guided by the marked spot on the map, they search the room and discover the hidden Guidebook (2A). As they delve into its pages, they not only gain valuable knowledge, but also find a vital puzzle piece (from 3C), which they keep close.

Guidebook (2A)

vital puzzle piece (from 3C)

Empowered by the Guidebook (2A), they skillfully decipher the enigmatic symbols on the Alien Artifact (1A), leading them to the next challenge.

Challenge 2: Planetary Riddles

Challenge walkthrough:

The solution from the previous challenge leads to a hidden compartment in the room. Players open the compartment and find one piece of a puzzle (from 3C) and two pages: riddles (1B) and a picture of the Solar System (2B).

piece of a puzzle (from 3C)

Riddles (1B)

Solar System (2B)

They need to read the riddles and identify the names of the dwarf planets, and write their names on the provided spaces on the Solar System page (2B). Each planet in the picture has a number associated with it. If they correctly identify the planets and match them with their corresponding number, they’ll uncover the solution to this challenge.

Challenge 3: Unlocking the Mystery

Challenge walkthrough:

The players unlock a mysterious box using the solution from the previous challenge (472). Inside, they find another puzzle piece (from 3C) and two pages (1C and 2C).

piece of a puzzle (from 3C)



They solve a connect the dots puzzle(1C) and match that one with one of the constellations on the other puzzle page(2C). Solving the jumbled sentence, they discover the clue “You should look under the table”.

Finding the last puzzle piece, they connect them all, and it should occur to them that this puzzle (3C) is a match for the Solar System (2B). They should put it on top of it (3C on top of 2B) and with that they get the destination of the abandoned mission.

So the solution to the whole game and the destination of the abandoned mission is ERIS. After the game the Game Master gives them the “Congratulations!” illustration and the box full of candy.


Room Setup (optional):

• Command Center Entrance:
Begin the adventure by transforming the entrance to the escape room into a futuristic command center. Hang a metallic curtain or a starry backdrop at the entrance to simulate passing through an airlock. Place a sign that reads “Space Station Entrance” or “Command Center Access” to guide players into the game area.

• Lighting and Ambiance:
Dim the lights in the room to create a mysterious and otherworldly atmosphere. Install LED strips or fairy lights along the walls or ceiling to mimic the glow of the stars or the soft illumination of control panels. You can also use blue or purple light filters on lamps to enhance the futuristic feel.

• Space Decorations:
Deck out the room with space-themed decorations to immerse players in the cosmic environment. Hang planetary mobiles or inflatable planets from the ceiling to give the illusion of floating celestial bodies. Stick glow-in-the-dark decals on the walls or use removable wall stickers depicting astronauts, rockets, or space shuttles.

• Computer Terminals:
Set up computer terminals or monitors to stimulate communication with other space stations or mission control. Display space-related images, graphs, or data on the screens. You can even use screensavers that resemble starry skies or rotating planets to add an extra touch of authenticity.

•  Astronaut Props:
Provide players with astronaut costumes or space-themed accessories such as helmets, gloves, and badges. This not only adds to the immersive experience but also makes for great photo opportunities. Include a designated area where players can dress up as astronauts before entering the mission.

•  Sound Effects:
Sound plays a crucial role in creating a captivating atmosphere. Play ambient space sounds such as gentle hums, distant radio chatter, or the beeping of control panels in the background. You can find pre-recorded space-themed soundtracks or use apps that offer sound effects specifically designed for space simulations. Click here for “Mission Unknown Playlist”

In conclusion, in this blog post, we gave you all the things you need in order to host a DIY space-themed printable escape room game. From the storyline to the printable puzzle pages, even the guide to transforming your game space into an actual spacecraft. “Mission Unknown” offers an unforgettable escape room experience that will ignite the imagination of young space enthusiasts. From exploring the depths of an abandoned space shuttle to deciphering cryptic messages and connecting celestial dots, this cosmic adventure is filled with excitement and intrigue. With its immersive room setup, captivating puzzles, and the opportunity to unleash your inner astronaut, “Mission Unknown” is the perfect activity for young adventurers seeking an out-of-this-world experience, while also learning about the solar system. So, gather your crew, embark on a journey to the stars, and let the wonders of the cosmos unfold before your eyes. Get ready to unlock the secrets of the universe and create memories that will last a lifetime.

We hope that we’ve inspired you to embark on an incredible space-themed adventure with “Mission Unknown”.


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