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Wooka Booka Island

Escape room for kids
5 to 8 years old
45-60 Minutes of Fun
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2-5 Kids per Group

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Looking for quality, off-screen fun for your 5-8-year-olds? Well, look no further then this escape room kit! A perfect mixture of logical puzzles and fun games, merged into one captivating story of the Wooka Booka Island. There is something special about this kind of game that makes kids having a real blast. It stimulates their creativity, teaches them how to work in a team, incites logical problem solving, and at the same time, is a lot of fun!

Available in these bundles:

Legacy Bundle


Ultimate Bundle

4 games + FREE CARD GAME

VIP Bundle

3 games

Kiddo Bundle

4 games

What People Say About This Game?

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Wooka Booka Island rocks!

The K-4th kids in our after school program loved Wooka Booka Island. None of them had experienced an escape room before, but they quickly caught on (with the help of our volunteers). It was so much fun to see them working together as teams. What a great way to start their spring break!

Katie Paczak

We did the Wooka Booka island and had a blast

You can personalize the invitations once purchased and downloaded and we personalized it more with decorations we had purchased for the party. It was so much fun and perfect for the recommended age group!

Aubrey Dove Asay

My 6 and 8 year old loved it!!!

So fun and easy to set up 🙂

Hheather Hay-Jos

How It Works

Download & Print

Set Up in 30 minutes

Play Anywhere

The Storyline

A mysterious door appeared in your room out of nowhere! As you walk through it, suddenly you find yourself on the wondrous island of Wooka Booka. There are four animal kingdoms and only one treasure chest. You have a chance to find this long-lost treasure, but first you need to pass the challenges of every kingdom.

Storyline photo

the game master role

Preparing the game can be as much fun as playing it. You are going to be directly involved throughout the game while interacting with the whole group. Actually, you are going to have two roles:

1. Setting up the game, and
2. Playing the role of Lau Kamau – the friendly giant guardian.

This role will allow you to guide the kids, monitor their progress, and help them if necessary. And because we made a special guide for you, your job will be a piece of cake!

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Environmentally Friendly

Help Someone Escape Poverty


45-60 Minutes of Fun

The play time depends on the kid’ age and how many will be playing. Most of the groups will finish in 45-60 minutes, but will share the experience all day long!

Great for 5-8 year olds

This game is perfect for kindergarten and first-graders. Under the guidance of the game master, they will have a lot of fun with puzzles and activities suitable for their age.

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2 to 5 kids per Group

Excellent for classrooms and birthday parties! It can be played in one team (2-5 people) or by multiple teams – like a competition. No matter how many players you have, just print one copy for each group!


They Will Enjoy:

• A captivating and adventurous storyline.

• Four animal kingdoms ready to challenge the kid’s logical thinking.

• Coloring, cutting, and gluing paper. They will let their imaginations run wild and their hands work faster than their minds can turn, putting their creativity to a real test.

• Solving riddles with rhymes.

• Two interactive games that keep the excitement throughout the whole game.

• Searching for clues around the room (optional).

• A lot of laughter, excitement, energy, team work, and fun.

What Extras Do You Get?​

Escape Room is more than just solving puzzles – it is all about the whole experience. To help you transform your space into an engrossing, captivating escape room, our game kit includes more than just the puzzles. In your download, you’ll also find posters and invitations that bring the adventure much closer to the kids.

The moderator (you) gets a “Setup Guide” in which we give you tips on how to set up the game, and a “Cheat Sheet for the Game Master” with a detailed walk-through the game that will make your job a piece of cake.

Cheat Sheet





Game License

If you want to use our games for your clients, you should grab one of our game license offers!


Color is essential for some puzzles to be solved. Plus, the whole experience of the game is much better when it is printed in color.

It can be played anywhere you want! No matter how big or small the place, every space can be used to play it ☺ You can even set it up outside!

We don’t recommend playing this game virtually. We truly believe that the charm and the excitement of the game are lost when the kids are not physically playing together!

Yes! The moderator plays an important role in the whole experience!

No. It is a full tactile and off-screen game!

The game itself has 16 illustrations that have to be printed, but you’ll also get many posters and invitations that are optional. Each printer is different and so is each ink cartridge, but for one copy of the game, you won’t use much of any cartridge!

Sure, they can keep the recommended distance while trying to escape. Just remember that they will touch the same materials as they exchange the puzzles. Closer teamwork is much more fun, but it can also be done at a physical distance.

The concept of this game is based on teamwork and brainstorming, which brings so much fun. Every child can try solving the puzzles individually, but if you have a chance to team up at least two kids (or kid and adult), it would be more interesting for them.

Regular home/office (letter or A4) paper is just fine. You can use thicker paper, but don’t go more than 215 gsm (paper weight). Glossy paper can also enrich the art, but that’s optional.

No. If you want to resell it, you can join our affiliate program. Please get in touch with us for more information!

You need to buy a game license if you want to:

– Charge your customers for the experience,

– Use the game for the whole school,

– Organize escape room activities for your patrons and customers.


Learn more about our game license offer!

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