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ARIA – And The Secret Of Light

Printable Escape room for kids
9 to 13 years old
90 Minutes of Fun
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2-5 Kids per Group

Unlock adventure with ARIA, a video game-themed printable escape room that brings the digital realm into your hands. Gear up your kids or students with puzzles that spark teamwork and creativity all wrapped in an epic quest to save a kingdom from darkness. Perfect for the young and the young at heart, ready to tackle challenges and light up their imaginations. Transform your space into a world of adventure!

Available in these bundles:

Legacy Bundle


Tween Bundle

4 games

What People Say About Us?

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
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Loving the new game!

The boys and I loved this video game style of the game. And again, I needed two copies of the game because we needed two hammers :). Now they’re running around the house yelling, “We’re going to beat you, Prince of Shadows :).” The puzzles were very fun. Sometimes they solve things faster than I do; I guess it’s because they play a lot more video games than me, so they have their own logic for solving puzzles, or maybe they’ve grown smarter than me :), which makes me feel proud. Nice work. Hoping for many more games because we love our game nights :).

Liam Harper

Great memory!

We played the game with my girl and her two cousins, who are 11 and 12 years old. They loved that cutting, folding, and gluing were involved in solving the puzzles. We took our time playing the game because they said that everything needed to be precise and neatly made since everything is so beautiful. My daughter fell in love with Aria and now she wants to be like Aria when she grows up and bring light to people just like her.


Loved it!

Last game night, we played “Aria and the Secret of Light”, and wow, did it light up our evening! I’ve been on the hunt for something special to peel us away from screens and stumbled upon this printable escape room game. It was exactly what we needed.

My kiddo was totally engrossed, especially with the lighthouse puzzle. It’s not every day you see him so engaged, solving problems with a grin on his face. And when he finally outsmarted the Prince of Darkness, his cheer was so genuine it filled the room with warmth. For a moment, we weren’t just at home; we were heroes in Eldoria, bringing light back where it belonged.

It was heartwarming to see him so involved and happy, and honestly, I had a blast too. It’s amazing how a simple game turned into one of our most memorable nights.

Can’t wait to dive into our next adventure. If it’s anything like our time in Eldoria, we’re in for a treat!

Sophia Brown

How It Works

Download & Print

Set Up in 10 minutes

Have fun

The Storyline

In the kingdom of Eldoria, where shadows have started to swallow the light, a young hero, Aria, steps into her own story. The darkness, spread by the wicked Prince of Shadows, threatens to erase all the joy and brightness from the kingdom. Aria, inspired by stories from her grandma – the last guardian of the great lighthouse – dreams of the days when their kingdom shone brightly. These tales ignite a fierce determination in her: to challenge the Prince of Shadows and lift her kingdom out of gloom.

Upon discovering an old legend about the Hammer of Light, a weapon with the power to defeat the Prince of Shadows, Aria knows what she must do. It’s more than a battle against the creeping shadows; Aria fights for the joy and happiness of Eldoria’s people.

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100% Money Refund

If the game doesn't meet your expectations, we've got you covered with a full refund — no strings attached, no hassle. We're confident that our games will add excitement and joy to your family time, offering a unique way to bond and create lasting memories. But if for any reason you're not over the moon with your purchase, we believe in making it right.

enviromental friendly

Environmentally Friendly

By choosing our printable escape rooms, you're taking a stand for the environment. Say goodbye to shipping pollution and packaging waste that clutters up the planet. With our games, fun doesn't have to cost the earth. Plus, you're joining a community committed to eco-friendly entertainment. Every puzzle you print is a step towards a cleaner world.

Play to Support

Every purchase of Aria not only brings joy to your home but also extends support to the Home for Children with Visual Impairments in Skopje, Macedonia. We donate 20% of our profits to enrich their lives with gifts and necessary aids. Your choice contributes to a greater cause, offering hope and happiness. Thank you for helping us make a meaningful impact.


90 Minutes of Fun

Jump into "Aria" and get ready for 90 minutes of awesome fun, made just right for young adventurers. It’s all about having a blast, where playing time flies by, but the fun memories and laughs stick around. Imagine a mix where learning and fun come together, making young minds love solving puzzles as they adventure through.

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Great for 9 to 13 Years Old

For the brave and curious between 9 and 13, "Aria" hits just the right note. This game puts them right in the action, mixing challenging puzzles with cool stories that spark a love for figuring things out and crafting tales. It’s a fun way to boost thinking skills and working together, all while diving into a story that talks their talk.

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Great for Groups of 2-5

Setting up for a classroom game or a birthday party? "Aria" is perfect for 2-5 kids teaming up. Kick off the fun with just one team or amp it up with more teams going head-to-head. Just print what you need for each crew and watch the adventure and teamwork kick off. It’s all about getting everyone into the game, thinking smart, and having a blast together.

What Kind of Puzzles Do You Get?​

• Adjusting levers based on color codes to solve puzzles.

• Folding and cutting paper to uncover hidden sequences.

• Using a cipher wheel to decode messages.

• Navigating through a maze by interpreting visual clues.

• Collecting and placing tokens to progress through challenges.

• Constructing physical objects to interact with the game environment.

• Strategic placement of crafted items to solve spatial puzzles.

• Deciphering runes to unlock the final victory against the antagonist.

What Extras Do You Get?​

Escape Rooms are more than just cracking codes and solving riddles – they’re about getting totally wrapped up in an awesome story. And that’s exactly what you get with our game kit. It’s not just a bunch of puzzles; we’re talking cool posters and invites that really make you feel like you’re part of the adventure, all in the download of ARIA.

Plus, we toss in a super handy ‘Set-up Guide’ to help you get the game rolling without a hitch, and a ‘Hints and Solutions Guide’ packed with clues for each Level, just in case you get stuck. Oh, and a step-by-step reveal for each puzzle, too.

And hey, we’ve even put together a killer playlist with a whole hour of tunes to set the vibe. It’s going to make your escape room experience epic!


Setup Guide




editable Invitations

HInts & Solutions

Game License

If you want to use our games for your clients, you should grab one of our game license offers!


Yep! Color isn’t just for looks – it’s super important for cracking some of the puzzles. Plus, it makes everything look way cooler, kind of like how a rainbow is way more awesome than just a gray sky.

Anywhere you feel like! Our game is super flexible – your kitchen, bedroom, classroom or even your backyard can turn into the coolest escape room ever. Just pick a spot where you can have a ton of fun!

Nope, no boss needed! Someone’s gotta set it up, but then they can jump in and play too. We made sure setting it up won’t spoil the fun for them.

No way! You don’t need any screens to play our game. It’s a break from all the techy stuff we’re used to.

About 23 pages. It might be a little more than other games, but trust us, it’s all for a super fun time!

Sure, a kid could play solo, but it’s a whole lot more fun with friends or family. The game is all about working together, chatting to solve problems, and helping each other out. Plus, you might need to cut some stuff out or make things, and more hands make that easier.

Any regular paper you’ve got at home or in the office is just fine. If you want to make it feel a bit more special, go for thicker paper, but not too thick – it should still go through your printer.

The kids will be solving puzzles and having a blast for about an hour to an hour and a half. But the fun doesn’t stop there – they’ll be buzzing with stories and laughs about the game for the entire day!

It’s perfect for kids between 9 and 13. It’s not too easy, not too hard – just right for a great time.

Yes, the game supports multi-team play, allowing for thrilling competition ideal for larger groups, classrooms, and birthday parties. For multiple teams, print one copy of the game for each team. For example, 6-10 players require 2 copies, and 11-15 players require 3 copies.

Aria is meant to be played just once, like a real escape room. This makes the game more exciting because players don’t know what’s coming next. Every puzzle solved is a new discovery, and this surprise element makes the game more fun and memorable. The one-time play makes every detail important and adds to the thrill, making the game more enjoyable and engaging. So, while you can only play it once, this actually makes the game more special and rewarding.

We’re glad you’re enthusiastic, but direct reselling isn’t permitted. However, we’d love to welcome you into our affiliate program. Reach out for more info on how to spread the fun and be rewarded!

You need to buy a game license if you want to:

– Charge your customers for the experience,

– Use the game for the whole school,

– Organize escape room activities for your patrons and customers.

Learn more about our game license offer!

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