Most frequent questions and answers

This usually happens because of mistyped email address. In this case just text us on email, so we can check your purchase and edit your order!

As many times you want! Even after years from now, you can print the game and it will still look brand new.

The game itself has 22 illustrations that has to be printed, but you also get many posters and invitations that are optional!

Color is essential for some puzzles to be solved. Beside that the whole experience of the game is much better when is printed in color.

This escape kit can be set up in less than 30 minutes before your guest show up.

Just print the game on color mode and make sure you grab scissors, paper glue, a pencil, and stapler (or tape). That is all you need to create an amazing escape room!

You shouldn’t have any problems to print it at a copy store. If they ask you for a copyright just show them the purchase receipt and you’ll be fine ☺

There are 3 ways to download your game kit:

  1. After the purchase you receive an email from info@escaperoomgeeks.com with the download link.
  2. You can download it on the purchase confirmation page or
  3. In My Account page

    If you have any trouble downloading it, just send us an email and we will get back to you shortly.

We are pretty confident you are going to love this game, but in case you are not fully satisfied, you will get a 100% refund. Just write us an email that you want to get a full refund and you will have your money back In 48 hours. We won’t ask you to fill any forms or give us an explanation, but every feedback is very welcomed and important for us.

Of course, you can share the game with your closest friends and family. As long as you don’t share it with everyone you know or sell it for money we don’t have problems with it.

The copyrights of the game belong to Smart Play LLC and you are NOT supposed to:

  • Resell it
  • Upload it to a file sharing platform
  • Edit the kit and claim it as your own

If you are interested in reselling this game on your web platform, please contact us.

Sure, go ahead, make a surprise for someone else! It can be a great gift

Houdini’s secret room is a full tactile game, which means that the whole game is played away from computer screens. There is an option to use a computer just to check all your answers and get hints, but that is also optional ☺

We believe that physical teamwork is much more fun, compared to the virtual one. That’s why we offer only tactile version of this kit. The only way to play it virtually is to print one copy for every kid and then try solving the puzzles together over zoom call. It’s a bit different concept of playing, that we believe will decrease the excitement a bit, but you can give it a try if there isn’t other option 🙂

Our games can be played in one team (2-6 people) or by multiple teams – like a competition. No matter how many players you have, just print one copy for each group!
We recommend 4 players per team as optimum number!

Just like in a real escape room you can unlock the mystery only once…. after all it isn’t fun if you already learn Houdini’s greatest tricks ☺ But you can print the game as many times as you desire, which means that it can be played countless times by your closest friends and family. It’s also perfect for events with a large group of players!

It can be played anywhere you want! No matter how big or small is the place, every space can be used to play it ☺ You can even set it up outside!

If you want to play along with the kids then you should use this Play Along Version, but if you want to set it up for them then go with the “Game Master Version”.

We made slight changes in the “Play Along” version in order to skip all the spoilers while setting it up. The storyline is the same, as well as the puzzles, but some of them are bit modified. Both versions are fun to play, so it’s up to you to decide ☺

Yes, a lot of kids and families had a great time playing our game. We get a lot of positive feedbacks. You can check some of the reviews on this page!

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