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Most frequent questions and answers

These games are perfect mix of board game and escape room, that can be played anywhere and everywhere! All you have to do is print the game file and make a quick set up. The kids will work cooperatively to solve the puzzles and accomplish task in limited amount of time.

This usually happens because of mistyped email address. In this case just text us on email, so we can check your purchase and edit your order!

As many times you want! Even after years from now, you can print the game and it will still look brand new.

You shouldn’t have any problems to print it at a copy store. If they ask you for a copyright just show them the purchase receipt and you’ll be fine ☺ If you still have some problems, just text us and we will issue you a copyright release form!

There are 3 ways to download your game kit:

  1. After the purchase you receive an email from hello@escaperoomgeeks.com with the download link.
  2. You can download it on the purchase confirmation page or
  3. In My Account page

If you have any trouble downloading it, just send us an email and we will get back to you shortly.

We are pretty confident you are going to love our games, but in case you are not fully satisfied, you’ll get a 100% refund. Just write us an email that you want to get a full refund and you’ll have your money back in 48 hours. We won’t ask you to fill any forms or give us an explanation, but every feedback is very welcomed and important for us.

Of course, you can share the game with your closest friends and family. As long as you don’t share it with everyone you know or sell it for money we don’t have problems with it.

The copyrights of the game belong to EscapeRoomGeeks and you are NOT supposed to:

  • Resell it
  • Upload it to a file sharing platform
  • Edit the kit and claim it as your own

If you are interested in reselling this game on your web platform, please contact us.

Sure, go ahead, make a surprise for someone else! It can be a great gift.

Yes, a lot of kids and families had a great time playing our games. We get a lot of positive feedbacks. You can check some of the reviews on this page!

You need to buy a game license if you want to:

– Charge your customers for the experience,

– Use the game for the whole school,

– Organize escape room activities for your patrons and customers.

Learn more about our game license offer!

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