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From the Escapee's Mouth

they escaped, Will you?

"We can't wait to try more and we hope you keep making more games for us."


"That escape rooms were super fun. We collaborated well, and it was an immersive experience."


"I highly recommend it. It's a great way to build some community amongst a group of kids have a great time"


"We loved it! Would you recommend it to your friends? Yes it was awesome and we enjoyed it!"

Aspects Printable Escape Rooms Traditional Escape Rooms
Immediate availability
Play anywhere (home, classroom, office)
Single fee for unlimited participants
Adaptable for various group sizes
Opportunity to personalize the experience

Wat anderen over ons zeggen?

Rated 4,9 out of 5
4,9 van 5 sterren (op basis van 56 reviews)
Heel goed2%

Good but a little bit hard.

Rated 4,0 out of 5

The best part was figuring out the different challenges that get you through the level but the hardest part was figuring out problems 2 and 3 it took me forever to figure it out those two problems but it was so much fun!!

Theo- 8


Rated 5,0 out of 5

Just did Professor Swen’s for a Girl Scouts meeting and it was a hit! Great teamwork and a great message!

Melinda Campbell

Esperienza top

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Ho proposto questo gioco a un gruppo di 3 bambine di 6 anni. È stato bello vederle ragionare insieme sulle possibili soluzioni e ancora più bello quando, prima di andar via, mi hanno chiesto di giocare ancora. Da master non ho avuto difficoltà a seguire il gioco, parti grafiche ben fatte e accattivanti.


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