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Circus Medrano

10 to 13 years old
60-90 Minutes of Fun
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2-5 Kinder pro Gruppe
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Dive into the mystery under the tent, a gripping adventure where the circus comes alive with riddles, codes, and enigmas!
This game is designed for young mystery solvers. It offers a captivating adventure set in the exciting Circus Medrano.




Tween Bundle

4 games

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Circus Medrano Comes to Africa!

Greetings from beautiful Uganda, the Pearl of Africa! 🇺🇬😊

We wanted to let you all know how much our students enjoyed solving the mystery of Medrano Circus. First, some background…

We are house parents at The Amazima School, a secondary boarding school in Jinja. We oversee a dorm of 18 Ugandan teenage boys, ranging in age from 16-20. All of these guys come from hard places and have experienced some level of trauma. Our role is to provide a safe, loving environment while they are at school and to cultivate partnership with their families and guardians to ensure a quality education as well as spiritual growth.

One of their favorite Saturday night activities is the Escape Room Geeks games. When they returned to the house from dinner last weekend to find it decorated and set up, they broke into big smiles and did, “Yay!! Escape room!” They were delighted!

This is our third Escape Room Geeks game night at our house. And it did not disappoint. We decorated the dorm with brightly colored balloons and played circus music. We played the the opening story from the app, then divided them into three teams of 6 and sent them into their rooms with the first challenge. Each team had an adult mentor with a phone and the apo, as the students themselves do not have phones at school.

At certain points when they completed a challenge, we rewarded the teams with circus themed treats such as peanuts and sodas. We even recruited two small children from a couple that lives on campus to act as our kidnap victims so when they solved the final challenge, they actually had to find the door with the correct address and open it. When they did, out came the two children, excitedly thanking them for rescuing them. Afterwards, when the teams completed the game, we gave them funnel cakes as a treat. They had never had them before and they really enjoyed them. They said this was the best one yet, but also for them the easiest as they are becoming pros at solving escape rooms. 🙂

Next term, we plan to do another. Unfortunately, we are unable to send many photos, due to a strict school policy of not taking and/or publishing photos of the students’ faces. We are attaching a few from various escape rooms that do not show their faces.

Thank you all for providing such excellent games. We have never been disappointed. And here at the school, we emphasize critical thinking skills and creative problem solving, so they are perfect vehicles for our students to exercise in a practical way the skills they are developing at the school.

Looking forward to the next escape room night!

Jerry Cheryl Davison

It was okay

Many many glitches we entered the right code but the app said it was incorrect. It should also not rely on capital letters and commas


Antwort von Escape Room Geeks

We’re sorry to hear about the issues you’ve experienced. It seems these occurred with an older version of the app. We’ve since fixed every glitch in our latest update.

Circus Escape for 14 year olds

My daughter and 6 of her friends had a great time completing the escape room. Group was mostly 14 yo with a couple 13 yo. It took them about 75 minutes to complete and our only “complaint”/tip is to ignore the keys of the piano. Our group was full of band and choir kids who solved based on the piano, not the book and the piano was not accurate. Wouldn’t be an issue for the majority of kids, and after a confusing 10-15 minutes, we figured out why they weren’t getting it!

Also, the app can be very picky with how things are entered to be accepted. Not sure there’s a way to fix that, so we just made sure we were there in case something was rejected when it was correct.

I decorated an area to the theme to make it more realistic for the party. I also added a box with an actual lock for the music box code thinking it would add to the experience. It really threw the girls off and I wouldn’t do it that way again lol

Overall, for an at home escape room, it was great. Very fun watching the girls get excited when they figured something out and watching them piece things together. Company was very responsive to email questions before I purchased as well. Thanks!



Embark on a quest filled with interactive puzzles, following a narrative that guides you step-by-step. Utilize game materials and the mobile app to decipher clues, chase leads, and unmask the true culprit behind the circus mystery.

Download & Print The game

Download the app

Download the app



Two kids went missing as soon as circus Medrano pitched its tent in the town. This time it won’t be all about jugglers and entertainment. As part of a kids’ detective club, you think that the circus might be involved.

Bravely stepping into the tent, you quickly find that Circus Medrano is creepier than it seems. Behind the fun circus acts, there are a series of tricky puzzles. Every puzzle you solve gets you one step closer to finding out who kidnapped the kids and where they might be hidden.

Sharpen your senses and solve the mystery before it’s too late. Now’s the moment to face your fears and turn into the heroes someone needs.


60-90 Minutes Playtime

Engage in a thrilling adventure that lasts between 60 to 90 minutes. Packed with suspenseful moments and intriguing challenges, it's a race against time where every second counts!

10-13 Years Olds

Specially designed for kids aged 10 to 13, the game strikes a perfect balance between challenge and fun, ensuring young detectives remain engrossed from start to finish.


Number of Players?

Solo Team Play (2-5 people): This mode fosters closer collaboration, enabling each child to engage, share, and actively participate. It’s perfect for a small gathering or family game night where a team of 2-5 people can work together to solve the mysteries.

Multi-Team-Spiel: This mode adds an exciting competitive aspect, making it great for larger groups, classrooms, and birthday parties. Multiple teams can play simultaneously, competing to see who can be the first to save the missing kids. It encourages kids to think quickly, strategize, and respond to the actions of the other teams. No matter how you choose to play, just print one copy for each group and watch the fun unfold!

What Kind of Puzzles Will the Kids Solve?

  • Decoding Puzzles: Crack codes using patterns, symbols, and special tools.

  • Sound and Music Puzzles: Tune into audio clues to decipher essential information.

  • Narrative Enigmas: Follow the storyline to unravel intertwined mysteries.

  • Interactive Challenges: Engage with game materials and props to progress.

  • Deductive Reasoning: Use logic and eliminate options to pinpoint suspects.

Mobile App

“Circus Medrano” seamlessly integrates with a mandatory mobile app, which acts as your immersive guide throughout the game. The app provides essential digital hints, interactive tools, and further enhances the narrative, ensuring a complete and thrilling detective experience from start to finish.

the app

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While having a color printer is not absolutely necessary, it is recommended as color enhances the gaming experience. You can still print in Black & White if you do not have access to a color printer.

“Circus Medrano” is a versatile game that can be set up and played in various environments. Whether it’s a living room for family game night, a classroom for an engaging group activity, or a spacious area for birthday parties, any place with enough room for players and the game materials is suitable. Ideally, the location should have a table large enough to accommodate the players and game materials. Creating a themed ambiance in the chosen location is optional but can enhance the gaming experience.

A game master is not a necessity for playing “Circus Medrano” as the “Escape Room Geeks” app is designed to guide the players throughout the game, providing hints and enhancing the narrative. However, there does need to be someone responsible for printing and setting up the game. Fortunately, this individual can set up the game without encountering any spoilers, allowing him/her to fully participate in and enjoy the game along with the other players.

The game itself has 20 illustrations that must be printed! You’ll also get many posters and invitations that are optional for printing and use. Each printer is different and so is each cartridge, but for one copy of the game, you won’t use much of any cartridge!

Das Konzept dieses Spiels basiert auf Teamarbeit und Brainstorming, was sehr viel Spaß macht. Jedes Kind kann versuchen, die Rätsel einzeln zu lösen, aber wenn du die Möglichkeit hast, mindestens zwei Kinder (oder ein Kind und ein Erwachsener) zu einem Team zusammenzuschließen, wird es noch interessanter für sie sein.

The game can be played by a single team of 2-5 players or by multiple teams competing simultaneously. For more than 5 players, divide them into teams and print a copy for each team.

The game is designed to provide 60-90 minutes of playtime filled with suspenseful moments and intriguing challenges.

“Circus Medrano” is specially designed for kids aged 10 to 13, striking a balance between challenge and fun to keep young detectives engaged from start to finish.

Yes, the game supports multi-team play, allowing for thrilling competition ideal for larger groups, classrooms, and birthday parties.
For multiple teams, print one copy of the game for each team. For example, 6-10 players require 2 copies, and 11-15 players require 3 copies.

Yes, downloading the “Escape Room Geeks” app is essential as it acts as an immersive guide throughout the game, providing digital hints, interactive tools, and enhancing the narrative.

The “Escape Room Geeks” app can be installed on devices that support Android and iOS operating systems, which includes a variety of smartphones and tablets.

Normales Haushalts-/Büropapier (Letter oder A4) ist völlig ausreichend. Du kannst auch etwas dickeres Papier verwenden, aber nicht mehr als 215 g/m² (Papiergewicht). Glänzendes Papier kann die Kunst auch bereichern, aber das ist optional.

“Circus Medrano” is meant to be played just once, like a real escape room. This makes the game more exciting because players don’t know what’s coming next. Every puzzle solved is a new discovery, and this surprise element makes the game more fun and memorable. The one-time play makes every detail important and adds to the thrill, making the game more enjoyable and engaging. So, while you can only play it once, this actually makes the game more special and rewarding.

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