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Pack Le Carcanet Doré

Percez deux fois plus de mystères grâce au pack de la série du Carcanet Doré. Cette offre spéciale comprend Le Carcanet Doré et sa suite, Le Carcanet Doré – Partie 2, pour une aventure riche en énigmes et en rebondissements, le tout dans un style artistique unique. Ce pack est idéal pour les amateurs de jeux de réflexion à la recherche d'un voyage narratif palpitant.

Prix habituel: $58.00


Le Collier doré

16 ANS ET +

The Gilded Carcanet - Part 2

16 ANS ET +


Rated 4,9 out of 5
4,9 étoiles sur 5 (selon 131 avis)
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Loving the new game!

Rated 5,0 out of 5

The boys and I loved this video game style of the game. And again, I needed two copies of the game because we needed two hammers :). Now they’re running around the house yelling, “We’re going to beat you, Prince of Shadows :).” The puzzles were very fun. Sometimes they solve things faster than I do; I guess it’s because they play a lot more video games than me, so they have their own logic for solving puzzles, or maybe they’ve grown smarter than me :), which makes me feel proud. Nice work. Hoping for many more games because we love our game nights :).

Liam Harper

Great memory!

Rated 5,0 out of 5

We played the game with my girl and her two cousins, who are 11 and 12 years old. They loved that cutting, folding, and gluing were involved in solving the puzzles. We took our time playing the game because they said that everything needed to be precise and neatly made since everything is so beautiful. My daughter fell in love with Aria and now she wants to be like Aria when she grows up and bring light to people just like her.


Loved it!

Rated 5,0 out of 5

Last game night, we played “Aria and the Secret of Light”, and wow, did it light up our evening! I’ve been on the hunt for something special to peel us away from screens and stumbled upon this printable escape room game. It was exactly what we needed.

My kiddo was totally engrossed, especially with the lighthouse puzzle. It’s not every day you see him so engaged, solving problems with a grin on his face. And when he finally outsmarted the Prince of Darkness, his cheer was so genuine it filled the room with warmth. For a moment, we weren’t just at home; we were heroes in Eldoria, bringing light back where it belonged.

It was heartwarming to see him so involved and happy, and honestly, I had a blast too. It’s amazing how a simple game turned into one of our most memorable nights.

Can’t wait to dive into our next adventure. If it’s anything like our time in Eldoria, we’re in for a treat!

Sophia Brown
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