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2-for-1 Halloween escape room kits!

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Halloween Escape Room-bundel:
Uw ticket voor een onvergetelijk feest

Transform your living room into the ultimate Halloween escape room. Dive into two spine-chilling games and let your kids take center stage in their own spooky adventure. Thousands have already been thrilled – are you ready to be the most unforgettable Game Master this Halloween?

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2 halloween themed escape kits + halloween extras

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Uitnodigingen voor Halloween

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Uit de Mond van de Ontsnapte

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"We can't wait to try more and we hope you keep making more games for us."


"That escape rooms were super fun. We collaborated well, and it was an immersive experience."


"I highly recommend it. It's a great way to build some community amongst a group of kids have a great time"


"We loved it! Would you recommend it to your friends? Yes it was awesome and we enjoyed it!"

Aspecten Printbare Escape Rooms Traditionele Escape Rooms
Directe beschikbaarheid
Speel overal (thuis, klaslokaal, kantoor)
Eenmalige vergoeding voor onbeperkt aantal deelnemers
Aanpasbaar voor verschillende groepsgroottes
Mogelijkheid om de ervaring te personaliseren

Wat anderen over ons zeggen?

4,9 van 5 sterren (op basis van 57 reviews)
Heel goed2%

The grandkids had a great time!

We started with the kids in handcuffs that they had to escape from.  

We added locks with combos from the game on 3 rooms. And we added a maze on the front porch that they had to navigate to get the rose garden pieces.

Bottom line is your game was a great basis for us to build from

Steven Bell

I got Houdini's Secret Room for my almost 9 year old and her friend.

It was super fun, I had to get a few hints to help them along but they loved it. I was having a bit of trouble with the app, it kept closing on me do the timer kept restarting, but that was really the only issue. They made me turn off the music from the app because it was freaking them out 🤣 but I thought that touch was superb to add that element of stress that actually being IN an escape room causes. We are definitely going to do more!

Linda Elliott

10th Birthday party!

We did Houdini’s Secret Room for my daughter’s 10th birthday and it was a hit! The last padlocked box had puzzle boxes filled with candy for an additional challenge. It was great because they finished in 38 minutes and it took them awhile to get the boxes open. 😆

Dawn N Eric Buchanan

halloween to remember

Mobiele App

Mobiele app die tijdens de games als uw meeslepende gids fungeert. De app biedt essentiële digitale hints en interactieve hulpmiddelen en verbetert het verhaal verder, waardoor een complete en spannende ervaring van begin tot eind wordt gegarandeerd.

the app

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