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The Gilded Carcanet - Part II

Printable Escape Room
16+ years old
120 Minutes
1-4 Players per Group
16+ years old
120 Minutes
1-4 Players
per Group

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Embark on a new enigma with “The Gilded Carcanet – Part 2”. After an astounding discovery at a historical site, Edward and Barty’s journey back to West Wittering is interrupted by Edward’s sudden disappearance and a mysterious trail of clues he left behind. Decode the puzzles and unlock the secrets of the Gilded Carcanet in this thrilling sequel that promises more adventure, more challenges, and an even greater mystery waiting to be unraveled.

Available in these bundles:

Legacy Bundle


The Gilded Carcanet Bundle

2 games (The Gilded Carcanet Part 1 & 2)

What People Say About This Game?

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 4 reviews)
Very good0%

Thanks for the fun

Who says the sequel cannot be as good as the first game? 🙂 We gathered again, the same players, and had a very fun night. It is interesting to see how some of us thought some of the challenges to be so easy, while others looked at us as if this was hard. And again, in other challenges, when I was totally lost, someone would say this was easy, and I think this is exactly the point of games like this. You need teamwork and people with different types of thinking.

I hope there will be a third game because it has become a little tradition now with my friends. Nicely done. Bravo!


What a ride!

Jumping from ‘Gilded Carcanet’ to its sequel ‘Gilded Carcanet 2’ with my friends was epic! Seriously, this game is a blast – perfect for chilling at home. The puzzles? Tough but super rewarding. It’s all about teamwork, thinking outside the box, and that awesome feeling when you finally figure them out. Kept us hooked the whole time. What a ride! Absolutely recommend for anyone down for a creative twist on a game night. It’s a chill, fun way to team up and solve your way through an adventure.



We recently played ‘The Gilded Carcanet 2’ and we had a blast! Some of the puzzles were seriously challenging and really made us think, but that’s exactly what kept me hooked the entire time. The puzzles are so well-designed, and when you pair that with the amazing art, you end up with an awesome experience. It’s perfect for get-togethers at home or even for team building at the office. It’s a fantastic follow-up to the first game, and I’m already eager to dive into the next installment. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


How It Works

Download & Print

Gather Your Friends

pen scissors

Grab: Scissors and Pen


Enjoy the Adventure

The Storyline

After finding an ancient piece of jewelry in the depths of a closed-down historical tourist attraction, the two protagonists, Edward and Barty, were just about to head home to West Wittering, England. They couldn’t have found this treasure without the notebook from Barty’s old friend Edward, who mysteriously seems to have disappeared. Just when Oscar was about to start the engine of his seaplane, Betty, he noticed a small piece of scrap paper that had fallen out of Ed’s notebook.

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Environmentally Friendly

Help Someone Escape Poverty

120 Minutes of Fun

The game usually spans about two hours, varying with players' escape room experience. Some prefer to solve it at a leisurely pace without hints, while others enjoy a quicker experience with hints. Both approaches are welcome.

1-4 Players Per Group

Embark on a 10-chapter adventure that's ideal for small groups of 2-4 players, suitable for large team-building events, or even a solo quest. For larger gatherings, simply split into teams of 2-4 and provide each team with a copy. This setup sparks a friendly competition to see which team can unravel the mysteries of The Gilded Carcanet Part 2 first.

Puzzle-Savvy Generation

Suited for anyone aged 16 and above, this game invites players with a zest for puzzles and a keen mind to embark on an intellectual journey. It's designed to engage and challenge, making it an excellent choice for those ready to put their problem-solving skills to the test.


Difficilty: 4.5/5 Stars

Prepare for an adventure that's engaging and full of challenges. We've put together a collection of carefully crafted hints and detailed walkthroughs for each challenge you'll face. With our guidance, you'll find the support you need to navigate through the adventure smoothly, ensuring you're well-equipped to tackle whatever comes your way.

Extras You Get?

Escape Room is more than just solving puzzles — it is all about the whole experience. To help you bring the adventure right into your home or office, our game kit includes more than just the puzzles. In your downloads, you’ll also find posters and invitations that heighten the adventurous trip of Prof. Barty and Oscar Quin. Also, don’t forget to play the background music that we prepared for this adventure!





Game License

If you want to use our games for your clients, you should grab one of our game license offers!


There are 3 ways to download your game kit:

  • After the purchase, you receive an email from hello@escaperoomgeeks.com with the download link.
  • You can download it on the purchase confirmation page or
  • In My Account page

Open the PDF file “THE GAME – The Gilded Carcanet” and print it on a regular home/office color printer.

Go to printer properties and select:

  • Letter or A4 paper size,
  • Fit to paper,
  • One-sided printing,
  • Color mode: B&W or Color.
  • Vivid photo (optional)
  • For a better feeling use thicker paper, but any paper will get the job done!

22 pages have to be printed. The posters and invitations are optional for printing.

Sure, you can print it in black and white! Color doesn’t have any role in this game, except that the art comes to the fore when is color printed.

No. It’s a fully tactile and off-screen game!

Not necessary.

Regular home/office (Letter or A4) paper is just fine. You can use some thicker paper, but don’t go more than 215 gsm (paperweight). Glossy paper can also enrich the art, but that’s optional.

Sure, go ahead, make a surprise for someone else! It can be a great gift.

No. If you want to resell it, you can join our affiliate program. Please get in touch with us for more information!

You need to buy a game license if you want to:

– Charge your customers for the experience,

– Use the game for the whole school,

– Organize escape room activities for your patrons and customers.


Learn more about our game license offer!

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